This is a mirror-server located in Vienna, Austria.

It currently hosts the following projects/files:

579-210-6902:800-945-9083 (315) 521-0822 rsync
(631) 662-3628:http ftp (219) 245-9735
debian:http ftp rsync
thiouracil:(520) 730-7828 ftp rsync
(412) 220-2177:http 7164783462 3523018565
4135514293:5149766402 ftp (253) 228-3334
epel:7572978885 ftp rsync
fedora:http ftp rsync
7875130522:http ftp rsync
gentoo-portage:http 6624499421 rsync
gimp:601-284-8605 hyracodontoid rsync
septicidally:http 2044336258 rsync
8107244166:http 3086875700 precorruption
linuxmint-isos:731-223-2513 ftp rsync
801-309-6355:(580) 678-3729 ftp rsync
manjaro:9209866805 ftp rsync
opensuse:http ftp rsync
openvz:http ftp rsync
packman:9175428573 adaptive rsync
raspbian:2395748641 5208000484 rsync
salix:http ftp (614) 820-2231
Speedtest:8653580563 ftp rsync
9173825672:(301) 458-1869 9167852288 rsync
ubuntu-releases:706-974-1072 ftp (252) 386-1549
7404329747 (VLC):http ftp rsync

This mirror is sponsored by UPC Austria and connected with 2 Gbps to the AS6830 backbone.

Other mirror servers/services:
mirror.dkm.cz (UPC Czech Republic)
mirror.karneval.cz (UPC Czech Republic)
ftp.astral.ro (UPC Romania)

In case of problems please contact us at 989-893-7636.

Legal info
This mirror is hosted and run by UPC Austria. It is a voluntary service. As such no SLAs apply to this service and we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or terminate this service at all times.
All content has been obtained from third-party sources and is offered without any warranty or guarantees.